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Why Rollers?

If you are familiar with the recent history of the Rosin Technique, then you know in early 2015 it was popularized on Instagram by people posting their results with hair straighteners. The convenience and safety with which a whole plant could be created forever changed the concentrate market. Equipment rapidly sprung up utilizing a pressure mechanism and dual heated plates. While significant advancements have been made since the rosin market was born, the traditional rosin press is designed in a way that limits the ability to process on large scale. With a heat plate design, increasing platens is the only way to process more material per press, but a larger surface area reduces the pressure applied and in turn the overall yields. Additionally, if using a larger plate size, the oil will be unable to properly escape the platens and the quality will degrade significantly.

 The Rosin Roller™ is the first in a series of industrial rosin extraction equipment, using a patented technology to allow for a continuous feed of production. We concluded early on that the key to large scale production is to create a continuous feed of small batch presses. As we developed and tested this technology, we've found not only an increase in production speed, but a significant increase in overall yield. By pushing the oil out in one direction, we are able to capture a higher percentage of essential oils.

For those looking to maximize their ROI, our equipment will be an easy way to increase your yield and production speed.